Check IELTS Indicator Scores

Secure, online access to scores for organisations

The IELTS Indicator Score Check enables organisations to securely view and download IELTS Indicator scores

Interested in accepting IELTS Indicator scores?

Request access to IELTS Indicator Score Check

In order to access the IELTS Indicator Score Check service, you will need to register your organisation by completing the form found here. On receipt of this form, we will set-up your IELTS Indicator Score Check account and you will be notified when your access is ready.

IELTS Indicator test takers will be able to see your organisation in a drop-down list when they register for the test and request their results are made available for you to download from the Score Check.

Please note that this Score Check service is only available to organisations which have registered with IELTS Indicator. Test takers should NOT complete this form. If you are a test taker with questions about IELTS Indicator scores, or about sending your scores to an organisation, you should refer to the support contact information in your registration email.


How does it work?

Securely download results electronically

The IELTS Indicator Score Check allows registered Organisations to securely download IELTS Indicator scores for all test takers who have applied to their organisation. This means:

  • you can feel confident that Indicator scores are genuine as they will be securely transferred directly from official IELTS Indicator systems to your secure IELTS Indicator Score Check account
  • you will save time by downloading results in bulk, at a time that’s convenient for you

Results can be downloaded in either.JSON .XML or .CSV format.

Check individual IELTS Indicator Scores using the Indicator Score ID


A unique 15-digit identifier is provided to the test taker when they are sent their IELTS Indicator scores. The service allows organisations to quickly check, by inputting a IELTS Indicator Score ID into the Score Check function, that the score you have received from your applicant matches the score held on the IELTS Indicator systems.