More resources available 

There are a range of other free IELTS preparation materials that can help prepare you for IELTS Indicator. IELTS Indicator has the same content and structure as IELTS therefore the same preparation materials can be used to help you prepare.

IELTS Prep App gives you unlimited access to all the right tools you need to prepare for your test – anytime, anywhere.


Inside IELTS, 5 week free course to help you understand IELTS and prepare for your test.

IELTS Support Tools provides an overview of IELTS packed with tools and advice to help you prepare for your test.

IELTS Prep on Demand. Learn what to expect on the test, how to approach different test question types, and what criteria is used to assess writing and speaking from official IELTS USA Instructors.

We Love IELTS, develop your English language skills, learn from expert teachers and gain confidence for test day.